Cenergy Solutions Wins First Place at Abalone Cookoff using ANG Biogas Cylinders

Cenergy Solutions won the coveted 2018 Abalone Cookoff in Ft. Bragg, California with their ANG Tanks supplying the biogas made from food scraps to do all the abalone cooking for their team
August 21, 2018 – Cenergy Solutions sponsored a team to cook in the 2018 Abalone Cookoff in Ft. Bragg using their ANG tanks filled with biogas made from food scraps. This was a way to show that Cenergy’s technology can replace LPG tanks for cooking around the world. The result was Cenergy’s team receiving 1st place in the competion which was held with some of the best abalone cooks in the world. Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions who was the lead cook said, “Two important ingredients that were needed to cook abalone was delivered by cooking with ANG technology, a hot flame to cook the abalone fast and no propane smell in the food. The other contestants cooked with propane which was a disadvantage.” Video at:  https://vimeo.com/284659077 
Gabriel, Joshua and Gary Fanger, 2018 Abalone Cooks
Most of the world cooks with wood or LPG and this can now be replaced with Cenergy Solutions’ adsorbent natural gas tanks that can be filled with pipeline gas or biogas that comes from farms, landfills or wastewater treatment plants. Over a trillion cubic meters of biogas is wasted yearly around the world and this gas can now be captured and used for cooking, heating or running engines. Instead of wasting renewable biogas it needs to be used to replace fossil fuels and wood burning that hurts our enviornment.  

Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) technology has been advanced with Cenergy Solutions’ new US patent that overcomes the hurdles that has blocked the widespead use of adsorbent natural gas storage in the past. ANG is an economical and logistically easy way to store natural and biogas at low pressures making it unnecessary to store gas at high pressures. ANG stores natural and biogas at pressures from 250 to 900 psi eliminating the need for expensive compressors, cylinders, valves and equipment. The future of storing, transporting and utilizing natural and biogas gas will be done at lower pressures using adsorbent natural gas technology.
Cenergy’s ANG Storage and Transportation Tanks
The transporting and storage of natural and biogas can also be accommodated in jumbo ANG tanks. These tanks can be used to replace high pressure tube trailers or LNG tanks or be used to be the last mile distribution of natural and biogas once it reaches its port or destination. Jumbo ANG stationary tanks can be used for natural or biogas storage at fueling stations, farms, landfills, factories, power or waste water treatment plants.  

Cenergy Solutions has brought cutting-edge natural and biogas ANG systems to market for vehicles, virtual pipelines, heating, electrical generation, cooking and other applications throughout the world to reduce pollution and promote energy independence.